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The Neuroscience of Domestic Violence

Thank you for your interest in taking my online workshop, The Neuroscience of Domestic Violence. This workshop is interactive in that you will have the opportunity to ask me questions via email (contact@danielsonkin.com) as you progress through the topics.

Over the past 22 years, imaging technology has improved to such an extent that we are literally able to peak into the brain as it functions in real time. Not only do we now have a better structural understanding the brain, but also we now have a much better understanding of how the various structures function in relation to violence and aggression.  One of the areas that has enjoyed the greatest growth is the affective neurosciences; the study of emotion.  Due to these new insights, emotion has shifted from a back seat or less-important position in neuroscience literature to being in parity with cognition.  In fact, research suggests that cognition and emotion are so inextricably entwined that it would be very rare that we would have emotion without a thought or visa versa.  This fact suggests that discovering the self is as much an emotional process as analytic one. 

This renaissance of affect has been valuable to clinicians of all orientations. Emotion has for a century been an integral part of psychotherapy.  Most clinicians, even those cognitively inclined, will at one point or another help their clients heighten their awareness and identification of emotional processes, as well as finding more adaptive ways of regulating their emotions.  Understanding how emotion is behaviorally manifests is critical to developing effective strategies for change in psychotherapy.

This workshop will review some of the recent findings in the affective neuroscience, as well as genetics, attachment theory and memory, and explore their application to domestic violence theory and intervention.  Understanding the brain, and how it experiences the world and affects our experience of others can only help in our being more effective therapists.

To receive credit you will need to read the material, ask any questions via email and then compete the online evaluation. When I receive your evaluation you will receive a link to a certificate of completion (Which you should print out and keep for your records).

To take this 8 hour CEU workshop, all you have to do is pay the registration fee of $120.00 by credit card using the PayPal link below. After processing your payment, PayPal will direct you to the workshop slides. Once you are finished reading the material you need to complete the evaluation and short answers. Once I receive your payment and evaluation, I will send you an email with a link for your certificate of completion. Bookmark this page so that you can retrieve the workshop page and evaluation links should you loose them.

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